This image and these words were drawn in 2004

It was then and it still is one of my very favourite drawings and words because it to me Freedom is one of my very favourite things


One of the first of my drawings to use a glass jar – It’s a Helmand’s mayonnaise jar – I chose it because it was wider than a jam jar and allowed me more room inside! 

Freedom to be myself has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember – I was the second eldest of 6 siblings and finding a space to be alone was always difficult

As I grew older married and had three wonderful children of my own my commitments and responsibilities grew and compromise was necessary

I loved my life then as I love my life now and I wouldn’t change anything even if I could

So back then………… I postponed my wish to be ‘free to be me’ until ‘later’


…………………and finally now – at the age 67 I am ready to declare that it is ‘My Turn’

and I hope to be ‘free to be me’ for a very long time!