Newsletter October Edition 2021


I finally got round to writing the promised Newsletter – I will keep it short and I have set it out so you can skip the bits that don’t interest you

  • Two new Limited Edition Prints
    ‘Be good to yourself’ 
    ‘Only human’  Title kindly provided by Caitriona O Connell
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  • ‘Start your own collection’ Promotion October 1st to 31st 2021
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  • Featured Prints for October I wanted to share some of my own favourite prints so I am selecting a few each month that I particularly like and my reasons why 
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  • My latest book is finally back on my ‘work to be completed now’ list 
    I absolutely love writing and this book will be called ‘My Turn’ It’s about my work over the last 1/4 century which has brought me to where I am now – finally deciding that, age 67, it is my turn to be top of my list – the images and words are already there and I am now writing the introduction 
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