15 Minutes of fame
This is the drawing for the cover of my first book

Framed 6500.00
Original signed pen and ink drawing
on heavy cartridge paper
Size Un-framed 64cm x 38cm
Size framed 71,5cm x 47cm in a white frame
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Life is amazing
This is the title drawing for the cover of my second book

Framed 4500.00
Original signed pen and ink drawing
on heavy cartridge paper
Size Un-framed 64cm x 48cm
Size framed 72 x 56cm in a white frame

In this drawing the first archway is creation
a new baby is born
The Free Personal Choice Umbrella
is to allow parents to choose
what they teach their child
the next four archers represent
what a child learns while growing up:–
Morals and Manners
Religion or way of life
Formal Education
Survival skills
The changing weather conditions
represent the trials and tribulations
of living
The ‘Parents letting go area’
is next and then……..
The ‘Self Sufficient’ Stamp
proves readiness to go on alone
Where the platform stops
is our place in ‘Life’
What is an amazing is
that each of us is unique,
each one of us is special and
there is a place in ‘Life’
for every one of us
The Stork Special Bus which
brought our parents now returns them
to their own place in ‘Life’
and we start the adventure
that is our ‘Life’………………….amazing!©

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Framed 2800.00
Original signed pen and ink drawing
on heavy cartridge paper
Size Un-framed 64 x 52cm
Size framed 72.5 x 64.5cm in a white frame

You climb into one of the cannons
You get shot across the ravine
and hope to fly straight through
“The Opening”
which represents “Success”
On the other side
are all your dreams and aspirations
You may be lucky first time
but if you fail
you go splat against the rock face!
And fall down to the ground
If you really want to succeed
you pick yourself up
and try again and again and again……….
Until with enough practice
you will achieve your goal
Practice does make perfect!

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Framed 2800.00
Original signed pen and ink drawing
on heavy cartridge paper
Size Un-framed 51 x 47cm
Size framed 59.5 x 56cm in a white frame

If Mankind is all people who ever existed
Then this drawing is meant to be a cross section thru’ mankind
at One Moment in Time

The Map has three parts
The Outside Edge – The Middle – The Inside Edge 

The Outside Edge – is made up of people
who have made a difference to our Physical world
For example – Someone – at one moment in time must have been
the first to make Fire and
there WAS a day when the first wheel turned
In our own era the atom was split and
Telecommunications have reached such a level of sophistication
that the vast pool of mankind’s knowledge
is now readily available to all people everywhere

The Middle
Is made up of those millions of us who exist and only add
our unique personal experiences to the knowledge

The Inside Edge
Is made up of those who shape our Psychic world:-
What we believe – what we like – what makes us happy or afraid
Here the contributors include:-
Religious Leaders – Great Thinkers – Writers – Artists – Muscisians

My Grandmother was alive before the first telephone was brought to her villiage
she died in the spring of 2000 having seen monumental changes
both in what we believe to be truth
and what we can do with the physical knowledge we have gained
This map is to remind us that if you take
the development of mankind as a series of steps
Then the difference between mankind’s first ever step
and where we are today
Is so immense that what is yet to come is……………………….?

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Framed 2600.00
Original signed pen and ink drawing
on heavy cartridge paper
Size Un-framed 62 x 31.5cm
Size framed 85 x 40cm in a white frame

There are two types of people represented in this drawing – Contestants and Spectators
Contestants are those who have set themselves goals for the future
and are willing to fight for a place at the forefront of progress towards mankind’s happiness
whether as a fulfiled individual or one who improves the happiness of others
hopefully both – I personally am eternally grateful to both the inventor s of the dishwasher,
Chefs in general and often wonder what we all did before the mobile telephone?
You may have to sacrifice a lot but the rewards are great!!
Spectators are those who, while actively encouraging the progress of the Contestants
and benefiting from their achievements, are themselves not adding to the progress of mankind
in it’s search for fulfilment either – personally or at work –
They enjoy the results to the full and feel the satisfaction of supporting a a winner and anyway
they will probably, at some time in the future, become a contestant.
Can you imagine how many people have put off difficult decisions
hard options and long overdue changes to their lives waiting for the “Right Time”
That is why there will always be more spectators than Contestants
The Life of a Spectator can be very nice indeed!!!
At this moment in time, how many people intend to give up smoking
go on a diet or set course into innovative and exciting business ventures
some of which haven’t even been thought of yet?
The setting is set – the plans are made
and if the new millennium is even a fraction of what we hope it will be
Then this new millennium will be great………………
Let the new millennium begin

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Set of four Large Drawings

Framed 10550.00
Original signed pen and ink drawing
on heavy cartridge paper
Size Un-framed 4 x 45 x 64cm
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This drawing is a light-hearted look at getting to the ”top”
which to most of us means happiness
or at least the wherewithal to be happy
Work is usually needed but there are many ways of getting up
You could get a job in a large organisation
as represented here by a pyramid of people
lots of rising levels but only room for one at the top
Or join an organisation where duration of employment allows access to the top
one step at a time – represented here by ladders
Why not create a Partnership – Two or more can join together and help each other up
represented here by three people and a pulley system
Perhaps a son following a father to the next level – pulled up by workers
Invent something and let “It” take you to the top!
Or start your own business – represented here by the person wearing suction cups
(Not just a good idea but lots of hard work as well)
Be catapulted to the top – Win the lottery or become a Film/Pop Star
Fight your way up with hard work and dedication
be a sports person represented here as a rock climber
some even carry hangers-on – family/Coach get a free ride!
Others fight alone
Some are born at the top represented hereby the helicopter of a self-made man
depositing his children at the top
or by a pregnant woman representing Family Wealth/Royalty
Inevitably some fall by the wayside – thru’ tiredness or accident
Bribery is not uncommon, jumping the queue, blackmail, extortion even murders do happen!
But break the law and you will get caught – eventually – as is the person with his back to the wall
people asking questions and waving papers at him!
Others stay on the ground always only planning what to do……..some day……soon
Often when a comfortable level is found people stop and stay there
Some people even decide that the top is not where they want to be
There are more important things in life than success or wealth
If you spend your life working to attain or maintain wealth/success and fail
or even if you succeed
When do you enjoy life? Was it worth it?
Don’t forget – work does not stop when you get to the top
Staying up there becomes the problem
​Of course for some it is the “climb” which makes them happy!!!

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If I only had time

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Human Race

This drawing represents the race in which we are all entered the day we are born. The race is to attain social status and possessions – success is measured in money. Different people race at different speeds with different goals. It begins before we are born. We can be and are examined and measured even before we are born. Our arrival is too late to discover our sex! When we are born they weigh and measure us and then the race is on…….. “My baby walked at 10 months” – “Mine did at 9 months” – From now on we are urged to be bigger, better and faster. A babywalker, slide, swing, roller skates and bike give us more speed. Our clothes are bought two sizes too big – We are tested in school – points equal further education Childhood is shortened if we are good at sports – rewards are enormous if we are successful Houses and moneybags represent status and possesions – Bigger house, faster car, more money – Dropouts are forced to take part to survive. We sometimes come up against a brick wall – The people spanning the gap represent help – councelling – further education or financial – The annual holiday, hospital or external forces – represented here by rain and snow – can make us slow down – some slip or are stepped on by others – some break the law. Though not all in prison are guilty – Some want to slow down aeging appearing as “Mutton dressed as lamb” – retirement, early or late, is the official Finish. Only then do we allow ourselves time to do all the things we always wanted to do – supported by our wealth, our families or the state – We have time to talk, to read, to paint or spend in the garden – time for everything and anything – As we reach the last lap we move quite slowly – hopefully with time to do all those things and hopefully to move onto whatever we expect to find when our race is finally run………….


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Mankind has always loved a challenge
Ever since he won the fight for survival thousands of years ago
he has sought to replace the instinctive need
to fight to win!
Throughout all areas of our world the strongest will survive
Games were invented to test the mind
and competitions for physical supremacy exist
within all civilisations from the beginning of time
Our games and competitions are just different
So if you want to race down a mountain faster than anyone else
Make your first million by the time you are thirty
Be the first to climb the highest mountain
or conquer the roughest sea
If you want to spend your life
in the seemingly impossible search for a cure to disease
or if you just want to play one round of perfect golf!
Relax and enjoy the challenge – and remember
you are only obeying a natural instinct ………!

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The road to success may be paved
with right turns and wrong turns
a selection of detours, copious diversions
along with several dead ends,
it probably has a sprinkling of U-turns
and miles and miles and miles
and miles of effort
So that when you finally reach your goal,
when you eventually achieve your aim
when you are sucessfully adjudged to be
“the best of the best”
Then that success,
like the journey can be very sweet

Original signed pen and ink drawing
on heavy cartridge paper
Size Un-framed 45cmx 64cm
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This drawing was done during the time of change in Eastern Europe.
The shell represents repression or communism
When it breaks down, the resultant outpouring of people,
Their attempts to stabilise what is left of their nation by using the broken pieces of shell,
which represent what’s left of administrative and social structures
While helping each other out of the shell some organise, some work, some just enjoy
They then go along to the next nation and start breaking it’s shell
(Apartheid, South Africa 1994?)
The ladder represents the formation of organisations such as Solidarity
and there are even two UN observers, bottom left

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the pict
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