Oh happy day

Probably the most momentous event in anyone’s life
is the birth of a child
This light-hearted look at the event begins as it has to
with a couple getting together
Joy as the doctor confirms the expected date of arrival
The “Father” receiving claps on the back for his effort
his job is done
The “Mother” however has to contend with Morning sickness regular visits to the doctor to be weighed and checked
growing to alarming proportions
and being told to be patient and breathe deeply!
The final dash to the hospital with the bag that never holds everything anyway and then …………….
A baby is born
Everything else fades into insignificance
“ Oh Happy day” when it is all over and someone says
“It is a perfect little baby



Limited Edition Print

Signed & Numbered by the artist   

The words are also written on the back of the picture


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Long distance

Two people away from home
meet and fall in love
They spend every last moment
But She has to return home
He is left behind
He travels home
He writes her many long letters
She reads them
They spend hours and hours
and hours on the telephone
But it is not enough
they both long for the day
they will meet again

Limite Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist   

The words are also written on the back of the picture


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Two heads are better than one

If you look beyond the obvious
Lateral thinking is fun!
Your solution to a problem
may not be anyone else’s
but if it gets the job done…..
What does it matter?
Variety is the spice of life!
……….and if you do
have to carry a long plank
then two heads are better than one!
Even if for no other reason than that:-
Each head usually comes with two arms
and a body attached!


Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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There has to be an answer

Hindsight is a wonderful thing
Looking back the answer is always obvious

Man thought the world was flat
Question: What happens when you come to the edge?
Answer: The world is round

Impossible as it may seem right now
There has to be an answer –
There always is



Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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Extreme moveover

They say clearing out your rubbish
Clears your mind
They say leaving the past behind
Opens your eyes to the future
If ‘changing rooms’
are what you long for
Then as you move to this new location
With waiting – empty – rooms!
Do not hesitate!
Get your teeth into that new Life Style!
Let hypothetical Lifts
and Tucks and Bandages
Train your mind to make the changes…..
…..by lifting the weights from your past
Then porcelain veneers
and lasic eye surgery and make-up
When applied
not to you
but to your ‘Surroundings’
Can make your move

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture

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The Craic

The Craic is a bit like an Irish Coffee
you can make it anywhere in the world
but it tastes better in Ireland!
You can have fun anywhere in the world but
“The Craic!” can only be had in Ireland

A dose of Irish weather
1 good size sample of any
or all of the following 

A days Fishing
River, Coarse or Deep sea
A taste of sea air sailing our shores
or calmer inland waterways
Retail therapy in quality shops.
Crafts, Fashion and Gifts galore
Attendance at a Gaelic game
with fierce rivalry between teams!
Golf on any over 350 courses
from a Pitch & Putt to world class
Championship Links
Visit Castles, Monuments,
Flora and Fauna,
Spectacular Scenery
A bet on a horse at the races
or riding a horse yourself
Food in any number of great cafés
and restaurants along the way
1 Pub (preferably with Live music)
A pinch of local inhabitants
Mix well and then let ‘The Craic’ begin!!

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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Balanced individual

Balanced individual     .

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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I had it last night

Contrary to common belief
this image is about a condition
a lot of people I know, suffer from
If I had a penny for every time
I have heard “………..I had it last night”
It comes after: Where is my shirt………..
Where is my schoolbook………..
Where is my watch………..
Where is my other shoe………..
and if I did have a penny for each time
I would now be rich
instead of tired of looking!
Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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and what did you do today Darling?

“Oh nothing special – when you left I got the children up
 – Fed, washed and dressed them, put them on the bus
 – Did the washing – Hung it out to dry – Did the ironing 
- Baked a cake – Made chocolate buns
 – Took the car to the Shopping Centre – 
Delivered my dry cleaning and collected yours
 – Did the supermarket shopping – 
Long delay at the check-out 
- Ran to the Coffee Shop – 
Late for coffee with a friend 
- put the shopping in the car – Drove home
 Brought the shopping in – put it away
 – Baked more cake – 
Got things ready for the party – set the table
 – blew up the balloons 
- I met them off the school bus
 – even including our two
 – She got nice presents 
- blew out the candles.
 – We played Pass the Parcel
 and they left after two and a half hours
 – We cleaned up the mess
 – No permanent damage
 – Did the dishes
 – Cooked dinner – Roasted chicken.
 Nothing special

And what did you do today Darling?”

“Oh just the usual – I left here – Traffic bumper to bumper all the way to the Airport – meeting in Cork – expanding again. Car into car park – Check in – Board – paperwork – Disembark – Taxi – Some calls on the mobile – Traffic heavy met Mr. Builder – Chaired the meeting – Worked thru’ lunch – Tea and sandwiches – Walked to the site – Sorted the problems. Taxi back to the Airport – Traffic not bad – Someone had lost their ticket at the check-in – Board – Paperwork and a drink – Some guy tried to use his mobile on the plane! – Disembark – Found my car – Traffic not bad – Back to the office early – Mountain of paperwork – Telephone kept ringing – finally finished – Not the last to leave the office – Quick walk to the car park – Back into traffic – Bumper to bumper and here I am – Just the usual
“And what did you do today Darling?”




Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture

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Life’s too short to be boring

This drawing represents the difference between those of us who go through’ life, accepting life as it unfolds. Finding our happiness within those boundaries, without attempting to change anything, represented by the line of figures walking diagonally through the picture and those of us who actively seek diversification and change so that our lives may be more exciting and rewarding, represented by the figures on the paths above and below the straight line of figures.

The figures walking the straight, narrow road through the picture represent those who move quietly through life never venturing off the safe middle road. Not looking left and not looking right. Making no waves, setting no new records, climbing to no new heights, in fact, trying nothing new or unrehearsed, with no deviation from what they did yesterday or what they intend to do tomorrow. Taking life as it comes, even if that life is not what they would like it to be.
Life’s too short to be boring is the motto of those who leave that safe, straight, middle road and take an active part in shaping their own lives. Choosing the exciting and often hazardous paths – The first figure is taking time out from their normal life pattern to sit and watch what others do – Taking a year off to travel the world and see what they can see, be inspired by others, then return home, filled with new ideas and new enthusiasm for life – Some others stay at home but look into other avenues which might be more interesting or fulfilling than their present course thru’ life. Three figures have left the straight road – One races towards change, the next leaps for joy at escaping mediocrity and the last is finding it difficult to leave the old life behind, but he will make it! The first step is the most important. – One figure is taking a step into the unknown – Investing everything in a new project, expecting the reward to be worth it. Another is standing up for her beliefs – If you see an injustice be strong enough to tackle it and feel the reward of having made a difference. – Others are choosing the speed at which they progress thru’ life, feeling free to slow down or take huge steps in any direction. – Three figures are training to become what they always wanted to be – A ballet dancer and a couple of rock climbers – but it could have been a scuba diver and two astrophysicists! If you never try to become what you always wanted to be, you might arrive at the end of your life regretting never having tried. You may not succeed but you will have the knowledge that you did try.- Some are supporting the Arts, going to the Concert, seeing the Russian Ballet or Elvis Presley live or themselves becoming actors or a presenter. It need only be in the local Amateur Dramatics Society but they are participating, joining in life. Someone said “Life is not a rehearsal”. The next figure is preparing to jump from one path to another – It could be your “Right place at the right time” and may be where your destiny lies – If you do not look you will never know – The next two figures are forming a new relationship – Loneliness is the saddest emotion – The next two figures are looking for new opportunities – If you cannot get a job make one, become self employed! – Figures are meeting others coming in the opposite direction, maybe they went too far and are going back to find what they had before – Some are making the jump into the unknown – others are applauding them, not begrudging their success when they gain it – Accepting change – allowing others to be what they want to be and accepting all people for what they are – not what someone else thinks they should be – A lone figure is slowing down to a crawl to progress thru’ unknown territory – If nobody looked for an answer, where none previously existed, sometimes taking a life time to find that answer, there would be no new inventions, no cures for illness, no progress – The next figure represents the strength of the mind, levitation is not impossible – If your life’s ambition is to be in the Guinness Book of Records and you find yourself restrained by the power of your body – Use your mind! – The area with no figures at all represents the still undiscovered areas of our world, be it the deepest depths of the ocean or outer space, if it is what you want, why don’t you be the on to explore it? – Life is too short to be boring.
Life is too short to be boring. The first few figures below the straight road are trying to make the decision to finally leave it and find what they want from life. It may be difficult to change your life – from always doing what is expected of you – To doing what you want. You may have been told that you will follow your relatives in the family business or be an Accountant like your grandfather before you – However they persevere – Most keep moving towards what they want, they do not turn back and they will succeed – The next figures are taking time out to socialise – If your quest for progress or change becomes too fanatical you may loose sight of your goal. You might end up by succeeding in attaining your goal, but unable to enjoy it – Some figures find that being a spectator of sports is enough. Others are Absailing down a sheer rock face or jumping out of an aeroplane with a parachute. Remembering that spectators financial support provide the wages of the sports men and women – The following figures are doing things like:- Finding people who need help and learning that helping others can be it’s own reward – Finding a partner or friend to share their dreams with – but also taking time out to be alone with themselves – Some of them arrive at cross-roads and choices about the future have to be made – Sometimes leading them back to where they came from – Some are taking time out to look at all options:- Considering tightrope walking as a hobby with the same open mind as taking up stamp collecting – Some try to stop others from attaining their goals, whatever they might be – but they will not be stopped – The next figure has just left a relationship which has come to it’s natural end and the following two figures are seeking to make a new one – With freedom of choice comes the ability to enjoy each day, even if there is no other reward than admiring the view from where they are right now – Tomorrow it might be different – A lone figure is standing with a pair of binoculars – Bird watching or train spotting can be totally engrossing as can any sport or hobby you my choose to add to your life – The roads leading off the page represent the possibilities I haven’t got the paper to include, Whatever it is that will make you happy right now, work towards it and try to get it.

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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