It will never cease to amaze………………..
Faced with an impossible rock face
The figure is still looking upward
He still hopes for rescue
but how can he possibly escape?
An enormous eagle picks him up
to feed to her young
flies towards her nest
drops him – (while flying over water)
our man then swims to shore – Rescued!
or what if…………..
There is an earthquake
Parts of the rock face crumbles
Miraculously the rocks do not hit him
as they fall down
to form a large pile at the bottom
It then snows for two weeks
our man survives the storm
because his very low body temperature
slows down his metabolism
he then eventually slips off the ledge
lands in the soft snow
rolls down the snow covered rock pile
and is discovered
by a man walking his dog – Rescued!!
Or perhaps…………………
Or maybe………………………………?
No matter what the situation
you find yourself in
Remember where there is hope…………….

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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I did it my way

Success is always great
No matter how big or how small
But it is even better
when you have achieved it
against the odds

Limited Edition Print 

Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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Positive Thinking

What is around the next corner……?
If we only knew
Then we would not have to worry about what might be
What we imagine
is often much much worse
than what actually happens!
But if you had a choice
would you really like to know the future?
Perhaps it is the expectation
which makes life so exciting?
Make the most of life – live for today
Cope with tomorrow’s problems
only when and IF they happen!

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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Life’s too short to be boring

This drawing represents the difference between those of us who go through’ life, accepting life as it unfolds. Finding our happiness within those boundaries, without attempting to change anything, represented by the line of figures walking diagonally through the picture and those of us who actively seek diversification and change so that our lives may be more exciting and rewarding, represented by the figures on the paths above and below the straight line of figures.

The figures walking the straight, narrow road through the picture represent those who move quietly through life never venturing off the safe middle road. Not looking left and not looking right. Making no waves, setting no new records, climbing to no new heights, in fact, trying nothing new or unrehearsed, with no deviation from what they did yesterday or what they intend to do tomorrow. Taking life as it comes, even if that life is not what they would like it to be.
Life’s too short to be boring is the motto of those who leave that safe, straight, middle road and take an active part in shaping their own lives. Choosing the exciting and often hazardous paths – The first figure is taking time out from their normal life pattern to sit and watch what others do – Taking a year off to travel the world and see what they can see, be inspired by others, then return home, filled with new ideas and new enthusiasm for life – Some others stay at home but look into other avenues which might be more interesting or fulfilling than their present course thru’ life. Three figures have left the straight road – One races towards change, the next leaps for joy at escaping mediocrity and the last is finding it difficult to leave the old life behind, but he will make it! The first step is the most important. – One figure is taking a step into the unknown – Investing everything in a new project, expecting the reward to be worth it. Another is standing up for her beliefs – If you see an injustice be strong enough to tackle it and feel the reward of having made a difference. – Others are choosing the speed at which they progress thru’ life, feeling free to slow down or take huge steps in any direction. – Three figures are training to become what they always wanted to be – A ballet dancer and a couple of rock climbers – but it could have been a scuba diver and two astrophysicists! If you never try to become what you always wanted to be, you might arrive at the end of your life regretting never having tried. You may not succeed but you will have the knowledge that you did try.- Some are supporting the Arts, going to the Concert, seeing the Russian Ballet or Elvis Presley live or themselves becoming actors or a presenter. It need only be in the local Amateur Dramatics Society but they are participating, joining in life. Someone said “Life is not a rehearsal”. The next figure is preparing to jump from one path to another – It could be your “Right place at the right time” and may be where your destiny lies – If you do not look you will never know – The next two figures are forming a new relationship – Loneliness is the saddest emotion – The next two figures are looking for new opportunities – If you cannot get a job make one, become self employed! – Figures are meeting others coming in the opposite direction, maybe they went too far and are going back to find what they had before – Some are making the jump into the unknown – others are applauding them, not begrudging their success when they gain it – Accepting change – allowing others to be what they want to be and accepting all people for what they are – not what someone else thinks they should be – A lone figure is slowing down to a crawl to progress thru’ unknown territory – If nobody looked for an answer, where none previously existed, sometimes taking a life time to find that answer, there would be no new inventions, no cures for illness, no progress – The next figure represents the strength of the mind, levitation is not impossible – If your life’s ambition is to be in the Guinness Book of Records and you find yourself restrained by the power of your body – Use your mind! – The area with no figures at all represents the still undiscovered areas of our world, be it the deepest depths of the ocean or outer space, if it is what you want, why don’t you be the on to explore it? – Life is too short to be boring.
Life is too short to be boring. The first few figures below the straight road are trying to make the decision to finally leave it and find what they want from life. It may be difficult to change your life – from always doing what is expected of you – To doing what you want. You may have been told that you will follow your relatives in the family business or be an Accountant like your grandfather before you – However they persevere – Most keep moving towards what they want, they do not turn back and they will succeed – The next figures are taking time out to socialise – If your quest for progress or change becomes too fanatical you may loose sight of your goal. You might end up by succeeding in attaining your goal, but unable to enjoy it – Some figures find that being a spectator of sports is enough. Others are Absailing down a sheer rock face or jumping out of an aeroplane with a parachute. Remembering that spectators financial support provide the wages of the sports men and women – The following figures are doing things like:- Finding people who need help and learning that helping others can be it’s own reward – Finding a partner or friend to share their dreams with – but also taking time out to be alone with themselves – Some of them arrive at cross-roads and choices about the future have to be made – Sometimes leading them back to where they came from – Some are taking time out to look at all options:- Considering tightrope walking as a hobby with the same open mind as taking up stamp collecting – Some try to stop others from attaining their goals, whatever they might be – but they will not be stopped – The next figure has just left a relationship which has come to it’s natural end and the following two figures are seeking to make a new one – With freedom of choice comes the ability to enjoy each day, even if there is no other reward than admiring the view from where they are right now – Tomorrow it might be different – A lone figure is standing with a pair of binoculars – Bird watching or train spotting can be totally engrossing as can any sport or hobby you my choose to add to your life – The roads leading off the page represent the possibilities I haven’t got the paper to include, Whatever it is that will make you happy right now, work towards it and try to get it.

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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If you wait long enough
You will float out


Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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It may be early – It may be late
But the day will come
When finally you can empty your Jar
of all work related bulk
No more:- ‘Preparing for work’ –
‘What to wear for work?’
‘Early starts’ – ‘Getting to work’ –
‘Working’ – ‘Late nights’
‘Returning home from work’ –
‘Week-end Courses’
or ‘Socialising after work’
No more ‘Office Christmas Parties’
No more uniform – whether Firebrigade,
‘Suit & Tie’ or tracksuit!
No More 9 – 5, Accounts, Schedules,
Targets, Timetables,
Productivity, Pay rises or freezes,
No more Work Colleagues,
Customers, Clients or
anybody else who is always right!!
No more commuting – No more Rush Hour……
No more Work!
Your Jar is empty….
What you choose to put in it
is totally up to you!
…..are you ready?
Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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If the high pressure of demands on you

produce a storm – instead of results
and if the forecast is: More of the same
It is time to stop – Stand back – Chill out
Stress can rule your life
but only if you let it
Let your brain relax
and a book – listen to music
walk the dog – play golf – dig the garden
run till you tire – go fly a kite 
do absolutely anything
or nothing at all!
whatever it takes to calm the storm
…..and the Sun will shine
and you will manage
whatever it is you have to do
much better – much faster
than when you had to fight against stress
as well as
everything else!
Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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Ladder of success

The route to success is not always
a series of rungs on a ladder
tried and tested and perfectly spaced
for easy climbing!
You may have to spend quite some time
placing it in the right position
Carrying it from one level to the next
and even then you may find
some rungs are broken
others are completely missing!
Eventually you will probably
have to leave it behind altogether
for newer more advanced
methods of upward motion
In fact
When you do succeed
you can rest assured
you will have earned it!



Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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If at first

It may take a while
It may take your whole life
But I do believe
There is nothing you can not do
if you really want to
and anyway – If everyone gave up
after trying something only once
where would we be?
If at first you don’t succeed, try,
try again!

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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Life is a journey

The excitement
when two people set out on the journey of Life
is tangible
The expectation of what is to come
is immense
The joy of each new addition to the family
is boundless
The support of development and
pride in achievenment is great
Celebrations and anniversaries come and go
Be sure to enjoy each day and
do not forget to keep the door open to
new places and new experiences
so that you enjoy your journey
to the very end!



Limited Edition Print

Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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Making it

Life can sometimes seem a bit complicated!
Getting what you want out of Life
and getting to where you want to be
can seem very far away
…..There is no exact Starting Line
because in the beginning someone else
is making your decisions
and making ‘your’ voice heard
can be frustrating
…..There is no Finish Tape to aim for
because it may end suddenly
or continue past expectation
So planning ahead is not an easy task
We arrive in this world
with different social circumstances
and different skills
But remember circumstances can change
and skills can be learned
Making the most of what you have
is always helpful
If you have made poor choices in the past
remember that is exactly where they are
in the past
‘You’ can make different choices anytime
and change the direction of ‘your’ Life
If Life is everything you ever expected
Be happy – every day
The point is to enjoy the journey!!!
Your future is yours and yours alone
is the adventure we call ‘Life’


Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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The long hours spent
The commitment
The sacrifices
When you finally achieve
what you have striven for
It feels absolutely great

Limited Edition Print 
Signed & Numbered by the artist  
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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