When there is hustle and bustle
all around you
Rise above it
When you are at peace with yourself
Tranquillity is possible
from within

Limited Edition Print 

Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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Follow your dream

If there is something your heart longs for…
If you have always wanted to learn……..
If you have always wanted to see……..
If you have always wanted to be……..
If you have a dream
No matter how big or how small
And even though that dream
May seem to be beyond your reach
If you give it your all
You never know what you might achieve
If you have a dream…..
…..Follow it!

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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Raw power exists in untold abundance
within the elements of our world
One of Mankind’s greatest powers is imagination
The ability to take a jump into the unknown
To have faith and trust in ourselves
To seek and find out what lies
beyond the end of knowledge
Harnessing these powers
Unifying and leading them
in an inspired direction –
has been and still is the road to our futures
Leadership is essential to progress

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
Also available with single mount
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Getting to the top

This drawing is a light-hearted look at getting to the ”top”
which to most of us means happiness
or at least the wherewithal to be happy
Work is usually needed but
there are many ways of getting up
You could get a job in a large organisation
as represented here
by a pyramid of people
lots of rising levels but
only room for one at the top
Or join an organisation
where duration of employment
allows access to the top – one step at a time
represented here by ladders
Why not create a Partnership
Two or more can join together
and help each other up
represented here by three people
and a pulley system
Perhaps a son following a father to the next level
pulled up by workers
Invent something and let “It”
take you to the top!
Or start your own business
represented here by the person wearing suction cups
(Not just a good idea but lots of hard work as well)
Be catapulted to the top
Win the lottery or become a Film/Pop Star
Fight your way up with hard work and dedication
be a sports person represented here as a rock climber
some even carry hangers-on
family/Coach get a free ride!
Others fight alone
Some are born at the top represented here
by the helicopter of a self-made man
depositing his children at the top
or by a pregnant woman
representing Family Wealth/Royalty
Inevitably some fall by the wayside
thru’ tiredness or accident
Bribery is not uncommon,
jumping the queue, blackmail,
extortion even murders do happen!
But break the law and you will get caught
– eventually –
as is the person with his back to the wall
people asking questions
and waving papers at him!
Others stay on the ground always only
planning what to do……..some day……soon
Often when a comfortable level is found
people stop and stay there
Some people even decide that the top
is not where they want to be
There are more important things in life
than success or wealth
If you spend your life working to attain
or maintain wealth/success and fail
or even if you succeed
When do you enjoy life?
Was it worth it?
Don’t forget – work does not stop
when you get to the top
Staying up there
becomes the problem
Of course for some it is the “climb”
which makes them happy!!!
550mm x 450mm – Large – 1997
Limited Edition Print 1/500
Signed and numbered
The original pen and ink drawing is also available
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The Four Seasons set of 4

In spring everyone wakes up those in the topsoil uncurl themselves and move down to the subsoil and join others there who are waking up from their winter sleep.
Together they start moving up through the roots – into the trunk and steadily up through the branches
to form tiny new baby leaves
Momentum is building up
for the rush of summer

In Summer activity is frantic – Everyone is awake and full of energy
The new leaves made in spring grow quickly
Movement from the topsoil to the subsoil is hurried
as they join long queues waiting impatiently to get into the roots
movement up though the trunk and the branches is fast and excited
The leaves on the branches quickly reach maturity

In Autumn the mature leaves of summer turn colour and begin to fall
They join those already in the topsoil and begin settling themselves into place for winter
Movement from the topsoilis slow – almost stopped
Nearly all energy is spent.
Most of those in the subsoil
are getting ready to sleep
while the few entering the roots and those already in the trunk and the branches are preparing for winter
There is little movement
except for leaves falling…..

Winter – All the branches are bare
The leaves which fell in Autumn have settled into the topsoil
the subsoil is asleep
All movement has stopped
Those in the roots, trunk and branches prepare for the long cold winter
by wrapping their arms around themselves and huddling together
Everyone waits for Spring

Set of 4 – 45x64cm Large – Limited Editions 1/250
Limited Edition Print 1/250
Signed and numbered –
Matching Edition Numbers – 14 Sets left
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Against all odds

If you are having a bad day

or week or year

Where bad turns to worse

and Life is uphill

When things look bleak

where ends just won’t meet

Look on the bright side and always


No matter how dire

the current calamity seems to be

Against all odds mankind

has a knack of surviving!

Heros pluck drowning children

from swollen rivers and

Mothers lift impossible

weights to save their children

So take heart!

The day WILL come

when looking back

You wonder why you worried at all

So if things look bad now…….

just hold on!!

Limite Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist   

The words are also written on the back of the picture


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Mankind has always loved a challenge
Ever since he won the fight for survival
thousands of years ago
he has sought to replace
the instinctive need to fight – to win!
Throughout all areas of our world
the strongest will survive
games were invented to test the mind
and competitions for physical supremacy
exist within all civilisations
from the beginning of time
Our games and competitions
are just different
So if you want to race down a mountain
faster than anyone else
Make your first million
by the time you are thirty
Be the first to climb the highest mountain
or conquer the roughest sea
If you want to spend your life
in the seemingly impossible search for
a cure to disease
or if you just want to play
one round of perfect golf!
Relax and enjoy the challenge
and remember you are only obeying
a natural instinct ………!

Limited Edition Print

Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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Watching the match

It does not matter if it is Gaelic, Hurling, Rugby, Soccer,
or Tiddlywinks
It is you against us and winning
is the greatest feeling in the world!

Jubilation is unbridled
Spontaneous leaps to punch the air accompanied by loud whistles
Cries of “Yes!” fill the air
Spirits soar and loud cheering and excited clapping
screams of the passion
with which supporters respond to
“Their” teams positive performance!
Dejection and disbelief
plummet true supporters
to the depths of despair
as their team falls behind
A son tries in vain to comfort his dad
with words of “It’s not that bad…….there is still the next match”
but one fan can’t take any more…………
he leaves before the match is even over

There is nothing like a match
It can carry emotions
to the highest pitch of elation one instant
then crash them to rock bottom the next

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture

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Divorce for beginners

You laugh because if you don’t
you might cry

You cope because if you don’t
you might break
The memories – The Good and The Bad
Are yours and will be with you forever……
Then – like a new dawn – you realise
You are Free

That now every choice you make
about your life – is yours alone

Every day becomes not just ‘Another’
but ‘A’ new day

Your world takes on new colour
a new excitement!

You can shake off
all those years of compromise
You can be You again!
Divorce is not just an End
It is also a Beginning………….

Limited Edition Print

Signed & Numbered by the artist   
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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Always look on the bright side of Life

Think positive!
Natures of “Law of averages” dictates
that better days are on the way!
So even when times are hard
remember to
make the most of all your days

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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Practice makes perfect

You climb into one of the cannons
You get shot across the ravine
And hope to fly straight through
the ”Opening” which represents “Success”
On the other side are all your dreams and aspirations
You may be lucky first time
but if you fail you go splat against the rock face!
and fall down to the ground
– now –
if you really want to succeed
you pick yourself up and try again
and again and again  …….
until with enough practice you will achieve your goal
Practice does make perfect

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the pict
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One moment in time

If Mankind is all people who ever existed
Then this drawing is meant to be a cross section
thru’ mankind at One Moment in Time
The Map has three parts
The Outside Edge – The Middle – The Inside Edge

The Outside Edge – is made up of people who have made a difference to our Physical world
For example – Someone – at one moment in time must have been the first to make Fire and there WAS a day when the first wheel turned – In our own era the atom was split and telecommunications have reached such a level of sophistication that the vast pool of mankind’s knowledge is now readily available to all people everywhere
The Middle – is made up of those milloins of us who exist and only add
our unique personal experiences to the knowledge
The Inside Edge – Is made up of those who shape our Psychic world:-
What we believe – what we like – what makes us happy or afraid
Here the contributors include- Religious Leaders – Great Thinkers – Writers – Artists – Muscisians

My Grandmother was alive before the first telephone was brought to her villiage – she died in the spring of 2000 having seen monumental changes both in what we believe to be truth
and what we can do with the physical knowledge we have gained
This map is to remind us that if you take the development of mankind as a series of steps
Then the difference between mankind’s first ever step and where we are today
Is so immense that what is yet to come is……………………….?

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the pict
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