The Crack

This drawing represents man’s insatiable appetite for discovery
be it what grows
at the bottom of the deepest sea
or the contents of a wrapped present
the cure for killer disease or what our neighbour is up to
whether there is life on the moon
or what is to be found
if you go through this crack
The size or importance of the unknown
is irrelevant
it is the quest for the answer which is vital
and irresistibly exciting
Mankind is driven by a great and powerful urge to investigate
all that is not yet known
no matter how trivial, painful or dangerous that search might be
It is possible that it is this urge which makes mankind great
and that this urge has moved us from the stone-age cave
to the sophistication of our lives today

Today’s questions are just different……………………?

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also typeset on the back
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Success is what you make it

This drawing is a fun look at success and how to achieve it in three easy steps
– whether it it be
passing a school exam, winning at the olympics, making your first million by the time you are 30 or reaching 40 with your sense of humour in tact!
In some countries education is not available to all – Therefore if you do have the opportunity, seize it and make the most of it – your best is good enough. The olympic motto is that taking part is a goal in itself and each step along the way is a bigger success – remember only very few win gold.
Striving for wealth to some degree is a universal urge though few make millions! But do enjoy what you accumulate to the full and
‘Life is supposed to begin at 40’ so celebrate it!!!!
Remember it is also said that
‘Not until 50 will you have the time to enjoy Life’
so keep your sense of humour, you will need it and
treat all birthdays as another success!
If each small success is enjoyed and celebrated,
confidence grows and as everyone knows
‘Success breeds success’
Three steps to Success:-
Be Ready – Be in the Right Place at the Right Time –
Grasp the Opportunity when it comes

Step 1 – Get Ready
In this drawing The Stairs represent The Hard way to get Ready:-That is with hard work and long hours.

The pulley represents the Easy way to get Ready :- That is if you have enormous talent or If you have inherited wealth and power or If you already have had success and are going back for more.
With these advantages the work required to be Ready is of course less.

Step 2 – Be in the right place at the right time

The platform leading to the slide represents The Right Place at the Right Time –
You can go straight to the slide or spend some time in the ‘Networking Cafe’

Step 3 – Grasp the opportunity when it comes
The Slide represents what you have to do to grasp an opportunity –
Remember to keep your eyes open for the right opportunity –
You must not go so fast
that you fall of – Be careful not to get dizzy and do not grasp the wrong balloon
(Nobody said it was easy!)
Opportunities are represented by balloons.
The source of the opportunities are:-
Chance, Destiny, Luck and Fate and they are sent down at random.
Those not caught, end up in the boxes at the bottom labelled – LOST OPPORTUNITIES
If you fail you just get up and try again.
If you succeed you bring your balloon to the Success Tunnel – But beware there are occupants of ‘Begrudgers Lane’ and ‘Self Pity Street’ with sharp pins ready to burst your balloon if they can. Inside the tunnel you divide into categories of success such as Instant, Overnight, Long Term, Sustained or Passing
(If your success is financial you are then inspected by the VAT MAN and the TAX MAN)
and then sent on to Celebrate and Enjoy your successes (or what is left of them!)
You then choose to rest or go back and try for more success.Success is what you make it
The road to great success is often paved with smaller ones.

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also typeset on the back
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Follow your dream

If there is something your heart longs for…
If you have always wanted to learn……..
If you have always wanted to see……..
If you have always wanted to be……..
If you have a dream
No matter how big or how small
And even though that dream
May seem to be beyond your reach
If you give it your all
You never know what you might achieve
If you have a dream…..
…..Follow it!

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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Raw power exists in untold abundance
within the elements of our world
One of Mankind’s greatest powers
is imagination
The ability to take a jump into the unknown
To have faith and trust in ourselves
To seek and find out
what lies beyond
the end of knowledge
Harnessing these powers
Unifying and leading them
in an inspired direction –
has been and still is
the road to our futures
Leadership is
essential to progress

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
Also available with single mount
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Getting to the top

This drawing is a light-hearted look at getting to the ”top”
which to most of us means happiness
or at least the wherewithal to be happy
Work is usually needed but
there are many ways of getting up
You could get a job in a large organisation
as represented here
by a pyramid of people
lots of rising levels but
only room for one at the top
Or join an organisation
where duration of employment
allows access to the top – one step at a time
represented here by ladders
Why not create a Partnership
Two or more can join together
and help each other up
represented here by three people
and a pulley system
Perhaps a son following a father to the next level
pulled up by workers
Invent something and let “It”
take you to the top!
Or start your own business
represented here by the person wearing suction cups
(Not just a good idea but lots of hard work as well)
Be catapulted to the top
Win the lottery or become a Film/Pop Star
Fight your way up with hard work and dedication
be a sports person represented here as a rock climber
some even carry hangers-on
family/Coach get a free ride!
Others fight alone
Some are born at the top represented here
by the helicopter of a self-made man
depositing his children at the top
or by a pregnant woman
representing Family Wealth/Royalty
Inevitably some fall by the wayside
thru’ tiredness or accident
Bribery is not uncommon,
jumping the queue, blackmail,
extortion even murders do happen!
But break the law and you will get caught
– eventually –
as is the person with his back to the wall
people asking questions
and waving papers at him!
Others stay on the ground always only
planning what to do……..some day……soon
Often when a comfortable level is found
people stop and stay there
Some people even decide that the top
is not where they want to be
There are more important things in life
than success or wealth
If you spend your life working to attain
or maintain wealth/success and fail
or even if you succeed
When do you enjoy life?
Was it worth it?
Don’t forget – work does not stop
when you get to the top
Staying up there
becomes the problem
Of course for some it is the “climb”
which makes them happy!!!
550mm x 450mm – Large – 1997
Limited Edition Print 1/500
Signed and numbered
The original pen and ink drawing is also available
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Quantum leap

History is written as we live it
Slow steady progress inevitably inexorably
takes each of us forward
But sometimes…….
When we reach for something much higher
When we stretch our resolve even further
When we push past previous limits……
to beyond
just sometimes….
It is possible to exceed all expectations……
to realise our very dreams

Limite Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist   

The words are also written on the back of the picture
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Take the plunge

The people on the ledges represent
those ready to take the plunge!
The height, from which you step off into the unknown,
represent the level of difficulty you are attempting
The rectangular columns below
represent the options you are attempting
and the spaces between represent failure
The people at the very top are gambling all
hoping for the greatest reward
The blindfolded couple on the right
are hoping to get married
The ones on the lowest ledges
are only taking a small chance
hoping to get away without a parachute
some do – some don’t
Both the “ Give up the day job” and the “Promotion”
columns have someone just climbing on to them
and someone else hanging on to the attempt
by their fingertips – They all make it
but sometimes it takes a huge effort
The person jumping up and down has just won the Lotto
and those sitting or lying down are taking a rest
before continuing the fight
The blindfolds represent the enormity of the attempt
Taking on a partner for the rest of your life
is a huge gamble – you can not possibly know how you both develop and change through all those years – although when it does work – it is great
The parachutes represent preparation, readiness or support from outside – For example if it is a ground breaking new business venture you are attempting then if you cover all the possibilities and use caution you can succeed – Or if your marriage is in trouble there are Friends/family/councillors and if all else fails divorce – to save you – Listed above are options – there are several empty columns so feel free – add your own
We are constantly faced with opportunities and decisions and there must be something
you have always wanted to try
If you do not try, you can not succeed
So go on!
Take the plunge….now


Limite Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist   

The words are also written on the back of the picture
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Practice makes perfect

You climb into one of the cannons
You get shot across the ravine
And hope to fly straight through
the ”Opening” which represents “Success”
On the other side are all your dreams and aspirations
You may be lucky first time
but if you fail you go splat against the rock face!
and fall down to the ground
– now –
if you really want to succeed
you pick yourself up and try again
and again and again  …….
until with enough practice you will achieve your goal
Practice does make perfect

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the pict
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The Maze

The walls of the maze represent
the restrictions we as a society put on ourselves
You could pick up a knife and kill the next person you meet
– there is no actual barrier – yet you do not
The centre of the maze represents “happiness”
as we move through life we strive for happiness
Our requirements are different and
can be as simple as not to be hungry tomorrow
or as complex as the need to own
one more conglomerate
The four entrances to the maze:-
only one of which leads to the centre
represent the different opportunities
and choices available to us
Some people are born to happiness –
They start at the correct entrance and proceed with ease to the centre
Some work for it
They start at one of the dead ends
and have to work their way through one or all
of the dead ends before finally arriving at the centre
Some have it and loose it – They reach the centre
but turn back and end up in a dead end
Some never attain happiness but spend their lives
going from one dead end to the next
So strive to realise your dreams
whatever they may be
and always remember Life is for living
and the real secret is
to know when you are happy

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the pict
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15 minutes of fame

That at least is what
we are all supposed to have in our lifetime
But what is it that is so fascinating about fame
the state of being wildly known or recognised
It can be catching the biggest conger eel
off Wicklow harbour
which gets your name in the book of records
It can be,
being the first local golfer to reach one handicap
which gets your name in the newspaper
It can be finding buried treasure
or surviving against the elements
which gets your face on the telly
but I think I know what it is
We all like to be praised
To be special, to be told “You done good”
(was it Tony in “Saturday night Fever” who said that?)
Perhaps the time has come to clap everyone,
who deserves it, on the back.
So hop in – have your allotted 15 minutes
and hopefully it will be good enough
to keep you in after dinner speaking for life!
Or at least supply the anecdote which begins
“… Have I told you about the time I……………….”
On the way to being famous in the drawing
I have tried to include a variety of reasons
for possible fame
my favourite is the lad on stilts and
the guy about to step on the priceless spider!
The one throwing up is not going to make it
Nor is the one being carried off by stretcher

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture
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Life is amazing

In this drawing
the first archway is creation
a new baby is born
The ‘Free Personal Choice Umbrella’
is to allow parents to choose
what they teach their child
The next four archers
represent what a child learns
while growing up:-
Morals and Manners
Religion or way of Life
Formal Education
Survival skills
The changing Weather conditions represent
the the trials and tribulations of living
The ‘Parents letting go area’ is next
and then…….
The Self-sufficient Stamp proves
readiness to go on alone
Where the platform stops
is our place in ‘Life’
What is amazing is that each of us is unique,
each one of us is special and
there is a place in ‘Life’
for every one of us
The ‘Stork Special Bus’
which brought our parents here
now returns them to their own
place in ‘Life’
We start the adventure that is ‘Life’
………. amazing!

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the pict
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Problem Solved

This is a drawing of a shop
where you buy answers and solutions
You enter at the top right
Follow the writing on the walls and
Exit with your answer bottom left!
There is an illustrated Guide Book – 17,848 words long!
Included with each print
complete with examples if you need it
“We hold all knowledge known to Mankind
in our Archives
Therefore we can provide you with:-
All solutions to all problems”
Try it

To read the full Words See
Problem solved Guide Book
Limited Edition Print
With Printed Guide Book (17,848 words)
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the same heavy paper as the prints ready to frame with the image and also typeset on the back of the picture
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