15 minutes of fame

That at least is what
we are all supposed to have in our lifetime
But what is it that is so fascinating about fame
the state of being wildly known or recognised
It can be catching the biggest conger eel
off Wicklow harbour
which gets your name in the book of records
It can be,
being the first local golfer to reach one handicap
which gets your name in the newspaper
It can be finding buried treasure
or surviving against the elements
which gets your face on the telly
but I think I know what it is
We all like to be praised
To be special, to be told “You done good”
(was it Tony in “Saturday night Fever” who said that?)
Perhaps the time has come to clap everyone,
who deserves it, on the back.
So hop in – have your allotted 15 minutes
and hopefully it will be good enough
to keep you in after dinner speaking for life!
Or at least supply the anecdote which begins
“… Have I told you about the time I……………….”
On the way to being famous in the drawing
I have tried to include a variety of reasons
for possible fame
my favourite is the lad on stilts and
the guy about to step on the priceless spider!
The one throwing up is not going to make it
Nor is the one being carried off by stretcher

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture