Against all odds

This is the one that goes……
After being struck by lightning, the ground falling out from under you
while being stuck on a ledge with a poisonous snake having to swing out of a rope which is too short
over shark infested waters and expected to swing tarzan style onto an impossibly precarious platform
from which you are expected to dive into a river
which immediately turns into a roaring waterfall inhabited by a large white hungry bear
with only a log to cling on to as you traverse the afore mentioned shark infested water
and then to be greeted on the beach by a friendly native AND a tiger……
The next chapter would then begin……..
After escaping all the perils our hero…………………..
But it is true that no matter how dire the current catastrophy seems to be
Against all odds mankind has a knack of surviving
Heros pluck drowning children from swollen rivers
and Mothers lift impossible weights to save thier children
A few days after you thought there was no way out
You wonder why you worried at all
So if things look bad now……. hold on


Limite Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist   

The words are also written on the back of the picture