and what did you do today Darling?

“Oh nothing special – when you left I got the children up
Fed, washed and dressed them, put them on the bus
Did the washing – Hung it out to dry Did the ironing
Baked a cake – Made chocolate buns
Took the car to the Shopping Centre
Delivered my dry cleaning and collected yours
Did the supermarket shopping
Long delay at the check-out
Ran to the Coffee Shop
Late for coffee with a friend
put the shopping in the car Drove home
Brought the shopping in – put it away
Baked more cake
Got things ready for the party – set the table
blew up the balloons
I met them off the school bus
seven including our two
She got nice presents
blew out the candles.
We played Pass the Parcel
and they left after two and a half hours
We cleaned up the mess
No permanent damage
Did the dishes
Cooked dinner – Roasted chicken.
Nothing special

And what did you do today Darling?”

“Oh just the usual – I left here – Traffic bumper to bumper all the way to the Airport – meeting in Cork – expanding again. Car into car park – Check in – Board – paperwork – Disembark Taxi – Some calls on the mobile – Traffic heavy met Mr. Builder – Chaired the meeting – Worked thru’ lunch – Tea and sandwiches – Walked to the site – Sorted the problems. Taxi back to the Airport – Traffic not bad – Someone had lost their ticket at the check-in – Board – Paperwork and a drink – Some guy tried to use his mobile on the plane! – Disembark – Found my car – Traffic not bad – Back to the office early – Mountain of paperwork – Telephone kept ringing – finally finished Not the last to leave the office – Quick walk to the car park – Back into traffic – Bumper to bumper and here I am – Just the usual
“And what did you do today Darling?”




Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture