Framed 750.00
Original signed pen and ink drawing
on heavy cartridge paper
Size Un-framed 10.7 x 45cm
Size framed 13.5 x 48cm in a frame

We all think of ourselves as independent
but in reality we depend on each other in millions
if not billions, of different ways each day
Each of us depend on other people to exist either by choice
or necessity – you may not think so
but already today
you have probably grabbed on to your milkman
the bus driver/Car/bicycle manufacturer or shoe maker
a newsagent and/or a baker
Everything we eat, wear or use has been made by someone
We are ourselves of course also part of the chain
in that we also contribute something which is needed
even if it is only company for others while they work!
For example since this drawing left my pen
it has been delivered to John in Ruon Print
he sent it via the delivery man, Shay,
to a repro house where Paul made a film,
which Colin plans up
from which John makes a plate
which Sean prints beautifully
and Colin then marks, cuts and wraps perfectly
ready for collection
Add to this chain, all those who made all the materials used
and the machinery employed
Think of how many people have contributed
to printing technology alone?
This illustrates perfectly just how infinite each chain really is
and how far back through history, it stretches
If everybody, who had even the smallest contribution
towards making this print, were included,
how many links would it have?…..
How long is a piece of string?


Also available as a
Limited Edition Print 1/500
Signed and numbered


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