This drawing is a light-hearted look at getting to the ”top”
which to most of us means happiness
or at least the wherewithal to be happy
Work is usually needed but there are many ways of getting up
You could get a job in a large organisation
as represented here by a pyramid of people
lots of rising levels but only room for one at the top
Or join an organisation where duration of employment allows access to the top
one step at a time – represented here by ladders
Why not create a Partnership – Two or more can join together and help each other up
represented here by three people and a pulley system
Perhaps a son following a father to the next level – pulled up by workers
Invent something and let “It” take you to the top!
Or start your own business – represented here by the person wearing suction cups
(Not just a good idea but lots of hard work as well)
Be catapulted to the top – Win the lottery or become a Film/Pop Star
Fight your way up with hard work and dedication
be a sports person represented here as a rock climber
some even carry hangers-on – family/Coach get a free ride!
Others fight alone
Some are born at the top represented hereby the helicopter of a self-made man
depositing his children at the top
or by a pregnant woman representing Family Wealth/Royalty
Inevitably some fall by the wayside – thru’ tiredness or accident
Bribery is not uncommon, jumping the queue, blackmail, extortion even murders do happen!
But break the law and you will get caught – eventually – as is the person with his back to the wall
people asking questions and waving papers at him!
Others stay on the ground always only planning what to do……..some day……soon
Often when a comfortable level is found people stop and stay there
Some people even decide that the top is not where they want to be
There are more important things in life than success or wealth
If you spend your life working to attain or maintain wealth/success and fail
or even if you succeed
When do you enjoy life? Was it worth it?
Don’t forget – work does not stop when you get to the top
Staying up there becomes the problem
​Of course for some it is the “climb” which makes them happy!!!


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