The Bridges Golf Club exists only in my imagination
but you might just recognise a few characters:-
A Frenchman with one foot in the water
–a young Spaniard hitting at a tree trunk
a Welshman with an extra club
a tall easy-going South African
waiting for the fairway to clear
All on the 9th
While on the 8th a would be Cup Captain putts and
a great Dane waits while his partner escapes the sand
You should be able to spot a Swede
chipping in on the 5th
A blonde Australian in the “Drop Zone”
beside sharks on the 4th
Perhaps a large cigar smoking Irishman
contemplating going for the green over the lake
while a German up a tree has to lay up short!
The charismatic American
sinking another huge put – clenched fist aloft
and for old timers a Golden Bear
in the fairway bunker on the 1st
Outside the practice range an Argentinian Carlos
says he never needs to practice either
while another Irishman tries body building
Any one of the rest could be you!



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