Happy ever after

Falling in love is a game of chance – Getting married is a bit of a lottery
Luck will probably determine our fate
When you fall in love with some one you don’t know what else you might get
A bossy mother-in-law
An interfering brother-in-law
or a thwarted ex-lover lurking in the undergrowth!
You could find out that she was betrothed to the king of Prussia at birth
or that he is really the long lost heir to billions!
It is of course also true that you might get a second mother some wonderful children
in fact a whole new extended family who will welcome you with open arms into their homes
and only enter yours when asked!
We do not walk around with details of our religious preferencesnor our historical, social, financial or cultural backgrounds displayed permanently for all to study before a friendship starts So it’s usually too late – Love has struck
But only two fall in love – Only two get married – Only two have to live with their consequences
If only all “Well meaning” – “Interfering” – “Outsiders” would leave them alone to make their own decisions
To be together – To make their own mistakes – To live their own lives – Then there would be so much less heartache and so much more happiness ever after
For fun I have randomly selected some of examples of what you might get
If you are lucky or even if you are not – But remember Love has no barriers


Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture