If I only had time

Not only would I save the Whale (27)
Recycle everything (33)
and grow my own vegetables (15)
But it always seems to be “Time”
or the lack of it which prevents me
from doing these worthwhile things
which make a difference to my
environment and that of my children.
My “Quality of life”
and that of others around me
is neglected because
I do not have enough time
To begin with for myself:
I would learn Yoga  (34)
take better care of my body (17)
and learn to play the piano (35)
For those around us – How often do we say?
“I’ll call in and see you soon”
“We must get together next week” (22)
“The children don’t know their own cousins!”
We are free, we can choose
Perhaps it  is time to look differently
at how we spend our “Time”
and to make conscious decisions about
how to spend it
instead of constantly saying
“If I only had time………………..

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550mm x 450mm – Large – Limited Edition 1/500 – 1998
Limited Edition Print 1/500
Signed and numbered