It’s all ahead of you

Starting as family is a wonderful time
You can look forward to the day baby is supposed to arrive
Which sometimes ends in either a false alarm or a last minute dash
To choosing a name which you both like and
which does not offend any of either family
and the Christening – Oh Yes! I think a hat IS required and a suit
To making sure baby eats enough of the right food – Starts solids on cue – Grows at the right speed – Is weighed – measured and injected at the right time – Is always wearing the right nappies for it’s gender –
Then when all that has been mastered and you think you are home safe –
Sleepless nights take their toll excused by
“Oh the poor thing has wind” – or “colic” and/or ”teething”
To walking the floor for hours only for baby to wake on touching the pillow
Starting all over again….up and down
And in some cases even resorting to driving the little mite to sleep – in the car!
Then just when they become easier to manage
they run away to school never even looking back!
Yes It’s all ahead of you……………..


Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture