Framed 750.00
Original signed pen and ink drawing
on heavy cartridge paper
Size Un-framed 45cm x 10.7cm
Size framed 48 x 13.5cm in a white frame

Passing an exam – Academic or otherwise is the most wonderful feeling.
To have been judged by ones peers to be good enough after weeks – months
even years of learning and endless practice is fantastic – brilliant and marvelous!

But I wonder if a thought ought to be spared for those who also wait for the result
Those who care passionately wether we pass or fail
Those who walk the floor waiting for the phone to ring
Constantly checking the time
nervously drinking or chain smoking or praying
One with her ears covered and another with his head in a cardboard box
Driven to distraction by the waiting
and at the same time afraid to hear the result………….

The words “I’ve done it” shouted while floating from cloud nine
are greeted with “Congratulations” and “I never doubted you”
And perhaps it is because of those very people who care so much
that the feelings of joy are so great!
So if you’ve just done it – “Well done”


Limited Edition Print 

Signed & Numbered by the artist  
The words are also written on the back of the picture


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