Just married

You have survived the Hen Party
and the Stag Night
– in tact!
With great memories and only a slight headache!!
The Wedding day was everything
you could have wished for….
Complete with guests
Everyone you wanted to be there

as well as those “Who ‘had’ to be invited”
The presents were perfect – mostly
only five electric kettles and three monstrous lamps
You will have to drink a lot of tea and coffee
while you think of how to ‘accidentally’
loose the lamps
The Photographer
whose job is to tell everyone where to move to
and where to stand…..  and when to smile
for a very looooong time
The children and the babies
well behaved for a while
but eventually out of control
and far more noisy than their size!
The Food – the Flowers – the Music…
but none of that will matter
When finally you get home – just the two of you
With the rest of your lives to spend together
Exactly as you wish
You are now – “Just
Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture