Life is amazing

In this drawing
the first archway is creation
a new baby is born
The ‘Free Personal Choice Umbrella’
is to allow parents to choose
what they teach their child
The next four archers
represent what a child learns
while growing up:-
Morals and Manners
Religion or way of Life
Formal Education
Survival skills
The changing Weather conditions represent
the the trials and tribulations of living
The ‘Parents letting go area’ is next
and then…….
The Self-sufficient Stamp proves
readiness to go on alone
Where the platform stops
is our place in ‘Life’
What is amazing is that each of us is unique,
each one of us is special and
there is a place in ‘Life’
for every one of us
The ‘Stork Special Bus’
which brought our parents here
now returns them to their own
place in ‘Life’
We start the adventure that is ‘Life’
………. amazing!


Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the pict