Making it

Life can sometimes seem a bit complicated!
Getting what you want out of Life
and getting to where you want to be
can seem very far away
…..There is no exact Starting Line
because in the beginning someone else
is making your decisions
and making ‘your’ voice heard
can be frustrating
…..There is no Finish Tape to aim for
because it may end suddenly
or continue past expectation
So planning ahead is not an easy task
We arrive in this world
with different social circumstances
and different skills
But remember circumstances can change
and skills can be learned
Making the most of what you have
is always helpful
If you have made poor choices in the past
remember that is exactly where they are
in the past
‘You’ can make different choices anytime
and change the direction of ‘your’ Life
If Life is everything you ever expected
Be happy – every day
The point is to enjoy the journey!!!
Your future is yours and yours alone
is the adventure we call ‘Life’


Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture