This drawing is a series of caricatures of types of marriage such as no. 12: ‘Not tonight, I’ve got a headache’  No. 21: She’s having lots of affairs
No. 26: It’s us against the world or no 39: A religious female – married to God
The vast majority of them are happy examples but both: The aggressive husband no. 55 and no. 48: The henpecked husband are included
as well as no’s 10: and 60: Where one partner has die
I particularly like no. 35: The Shy couple


For a description of all the 63 caricatures See below
1. A very loving couple
2. She depends on him for support
3. She is very, very sorry
4. He is standing firm
5. She’s leaving him
7. She’s so drunk she has to be carried home
8.She’s receiving attention from another man
9. He is sad she stands by him
10. He has died
11. She;s unhappy He tries to console her
12. Not tonight I’ve got a headache
13. He is leaving her
14. A monk devoted to God
15.Pulling in opposite directions though still together
16. Two females Same sex couple
17. He wants the relationship to stay the way it is. She does not
18. She is the dominant Partner
19. She is unable to decide between two men
20. Neither partner is willing to back down
21. She is having lots of affairs
22.She’s listening to him
23. He is “Coming the heavy”
24. She can depend on hi
25. Still together but moving apart
26. It’s us against the world
27. The demonstrative couple
28. He mistreats his wife
29. He is so drunk she has to carry him home
30. She needs help he provides it
31. She wants the relationship to stay the way it is -He does not
32. Exercise fanatics They live in shell suits and discuss the latest craze
33. She is throwing herself at a married man
34. He is only happy when she is down
35. The Shy Couple
36. Life is one long party
37. She is leaving him
38. Two males Same sex couple
39. A nun married to God
40. She is trying to make up he is not listening
41. A couple totally in sync
42. He is leaving – she is sad
43. She is making a show of him
44. He is very, very sorry
45. She leans on him
46. Macho man
47. A very “Together” couple
48. Hen pecked husband
49. He is unable to decide between two women

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the same heavy paper as the prints ready to frame with the image and also typeset on the back of the picture