Framed 2600.00
Original signed pen and ink drawing
on heavy cartridge paper
Size Un-framed 62 x 31.5cm
Size framed 85 x 40cm in a white frame

There are two types of people represented in this drawing – Contestants and Spectators
Contestants are those who have set themselves goals for the future
and are willing to fight for a place at the forefront of progress towards mankind’s happiness
whether as a fulfiled individual or one who improves the happiness of others
hopefully both – I personally am eternally grateful to both the inventor s of the dishwasher,
Chefs in general and often wonder what we all did before the mobile telephone?
You may have to sacrifice a lot but the rewards are great!!
Spectators are those who, while actively encouraging the progress of the Contestants
and benefiting from their achievements, are themselves not adding to the progress of mankind
in it’s search for fulfilment either – personally or at work –
They enjoy the results to the full and feel the satisfaction of supporting a a winner and anyway
they will probably, at some time in the future, become a contestant.
Can you imagine how many people have put off difficult decisions
hard options and long overdue changes to their lives waiting for the “Right Time”
That is why there will always be more spectators than Contestants
The Life of a Spectator can be very nice indeed!!!
At this moment in time, how many people intend to give up smoking
go on a diet or set course into innovative and exciting business ventures
some of which haven’t even been thought of yet?
The setting is set – the plans are made
and if the new millennium is even a fraction of what we hope it will be
Then this new millennium will be great………………
Let the new millennium begin


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