Nothing succeeds like success

Nothing succeeds like success
The difference between
‘Success’ and ‘Failure’ 
is only the level of expectation
Therefore by definition
Success IS for everyone!
To start:
Choose your goal
Success breeds Success they say
so to build confidence
start with an attainable goal
– Get ready –
Give it your very best effort
Enjoy the challenge
and everything you might learn
along the way
Celebrate your success
when you achieve each goal
If you keep going
you never know
you might just surprise yourself
and realise all
your most cherished dreams
The drawing above is just a suggestion
of what you might meet along the way
For the purposes of this drawing
I have included as many eventualities
as would fit
using the following imagery………
The GET READY line represents
those ready to Start
by having prepared for it
according to their personal attributes
The ladders represent progress
towards their ultimate Success
The platforms
represent what they achieve
and what they might need along the way
At the top
Their ultimate goal!
are scattered along their way
just as they are in Life
We do not all start with the same talents,
resources or physical attributes
So to fulfil your potential
use all your assets
make the most of what you’ve got
It does not matter whether you are
learning to fly a jet
or learning to write the alphabet
Whether you are starting
your own small business 
or consolidating
your first world wide conglomerate
Everyone starts at the beginning
Age is just as irrelevant
as what personal goal you choose
Your Personal Success can be achieved
no matter what talents,
resources or physical attributes you have
If you want it badly enough
Start with small steps
and keep going………….
P.S. Nobody said it was easy………
But it is definitely worth it!

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture