The shape of this drawing represents
the way in which relationships form society
We each a have a personality and the combination
of two or more personalities forms a relationship
this in turn affects surrounding relationships
and shapes society as a whole
Different areas of the world
have widely differing social structures
some are matriarchal and some are patriarchal
some societies even support combined family structures
similar to those in the animal world who separate
for example, offspring into a communal group cared for by
selected members of the group
not necessarily their parents
This drawing is a series of smaller drawings
depicting relationships
in this case restricted to 578 adults
with everything from the loving, happy, dependant, joyous,
funny, arguing, violent or supportive types of relationships
right thru’ to the same sex couples, love triangles
and the egoist in love with himself

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the same heavy paper as the prints ready to frame with the image and also typeset on the back of the picture