It may be early – It may be late
But the day will come
When finally you can empty your Jar
of all work related bulk
No more:- ‘Preparing for work’ –
‘What to wear for work?’
‘Early starts’ – ‘Getting to work’ –
‘Working’ – ‘Late nights’
‘Returning home from work’ –
‘Week-end Courses’
or ‘Socialising after work’
No more ‘Office Christmas Parties’
No more uniform – whether Firebrigade,
‘Suit & Tie’ or tracksuit!
No More 9 – 5, Accounts, Schedules,
Targets, Timetables,
Productivity, Pay rises or freezes,
No more Work Colleagues,
Customers, Clients or
anybody else who is always right!!
No more commuting – No more Rush Hour……
No more Work!
Your Jar is empty….
What you choose to put in it
is totally up to you!
…..are you ready?
Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture