Success is what you make it

This drawing is a fun look at success and how to achieve it in three easy steps
– whether it it be
passing a school exam, winning at the olympics, making your first million by the time you are 30 or reaching 40 with your sense of humour in tact!
In some countries education is not available to all – Therefore if you do have the opportunity, seize it and make the most of it – your best is good enough. The olympic motto is that taking part is a goal in itself and each step along the way is a bigger success – remember only very few win gold.
Striving for wealth to some degree is a universal urge though few make millions! But do enjoy what you accumulate to the full and
‘Life is supposed to begin at 40’ so celebrate it!!!!
Remember it is also said that
‘Not until 50 will you have the time to enjoy Life’
so keep your sense of humour, you will need it and
treat all birthdays as another success!
If each small success is enjoyed and celebrated,
confidence grows and as everyone knows
‘Success breeds success’
Three steps to Success:-
Be Ready – Be in the Right Place at the Right Time –
Grasp the Opportunity when it comes

Step 1 – Get Ready
In this drawing The Stairs represent The Hard way to get Ready:-That is with hard work and long hours.

The pulley represents the Easy way to get Ready :- That is if you have enormous talent or If you have inherited wealth and power or If you already have had success and are going back for more.
With these advantages the work required to be Ready is of course less.

Step 2 – Be in the right place at the right time

The platform leading to the slide represents The Right Place at the Right Time –
You can go straight to the slide or spend some time in the ‘Networking Cafe’

Step 3 – Grasp the opportunity when it comes
The Slide represents what you have to do to grasp an opportunity –
Remember to keep your eyes open for the right opportunity –
You must not go so fast
that you fall of – Be careful not to get dizzy and do not grasp the wrong balloon
(Nobody said it was easy!)
Opportunities are represented by balloons.
The source of the opportunities are:-
Chance, Destiny, Luck and Fate and they are sent down at random.
Those not caught, end up in the boxes at the bottom labelled – LOST OPPORTUNITIES
If you fail you just get up and try again.
If you succeed you bring your balloon to the Success Tunnel – But beware there are occupants of ‘Begrudgers Lane’ and ‘Self Pity Street’ with sharp pins ready to burst your balloon if they can. Inside the tunnel you divide into categories of success such as Instant, Overnight, Long Term, Sustained or Passing
(If your success is financial you are then inspected by the VAT MAN and the TAX MAN)
and then sent on to Celebrate and Enjoy your successes (or what is left of them!)
You then choose to rest or go back and try for more success.Success is what you make it
The road to great success is often paved with smaller ones.

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also typeset on the back