The Crack

This drawing represents man’s insatiable appetite for discovery
be it what grows
at the bottom of the deepest sea
or the contents of a wrapped present
the cure for killer disease or what our neighbour is up to
whether there is life on the moon
or what is to be found
if you go through this crack
The size or importance of the unknown
is irrelevant
it is the quest for the answer which is vital
and irresistibly exciting
Mankind is driven by a great and powerful urge to investigate
all that is not yet known
no matter how trivial, painful or dangerous that search might be
It is possible that it is this urge which makes mankind great
and that this urge has moved us from the stone-age cave
to the sophistication of our lives today

Today’s questions are just different……………………?

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also typeset on the back