The Craic

The Craic is a bit like an Irish Coffee
you can make it anywhere in the world
but it tastes better in Ireland!
You can have fun anywhere in the world but
“The Craic!” can only be had in Ireland

A dose of Irish weather
1 good size sample of any
or all of the following 

A days Fishing
River, Coarse or Deep sea
A taste of sea air sailing our shores
or calmer inland waterways
Retail therapy in quality shops.
Crafts, Fashion and Gifts galore
Attendance at a Gaelic game
with fierce rivalry between teams!
Golf on any over 350 courses
from a Pitch & Putt to world class
Championship Links
Visit Castles, Monuments,
Flora and Fauna,
Spectacular Scenery
A bet on a horse at the races
or riding a horse yourself
Food in any number of great cafés
and restaurants along the way
1 Pub (preferably with Live music)
A pinch of local inhabitants
Mix well and then let ‘The Craic’ begin!!

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the back of the picture