The Human Race

    This drawing represents the race in which
we are all entered the day we are born.
The race is to attain social status and
possessions – success
is measured in money.
Different people race at different speeds
with different goals.
It begins before we are born.
We can be and are examined and
measured even before we are born.
Our arrival is too late to discover our sex!
When we are born they weigh and
measure us and then the race is on……..
“My baby walked at 10 months”
“Mine did at 9 months”
From now on we are urged to be bigger,
better  and faster.
A babywalker, slide, swing,
roller skates and bike give us more speed.
Our clothes are bought two sizes too big
We are tested in school
points equal further education
Childhood is shortened if
we are good at sports
rewards are enormous
if we are successful
Houses and moneybags represent
status and possessions
Bigger house, faster car, more money
Dropouts are forced to take part
to survive
Sometimes come up against a brick wall.
The people spanning the gap
represent help – counselling –
further education or financial
The annual holiday, hospital
or external forces
represented here by rain and snow
can make us slow down
some slip or are stepped on by others
some break the law.
Though not all in prison are guilty
Some want to slow down aeging
appearing as “Mutton dressed as lamb”
Retirement, early or late,
is the official Finish.
Only then do we allow ourselves time
to do all the things
we always wanted to do
supported by our wealth,
our families or the state
We have time to talk, to read, to paint
or spend in the garden
time for everything
and anything – As we reach the last lap
we move quite slowly
hopefully with time to do all those things
and hopefully to move onto
whatever we expect to find
when our race is finally run………….



Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the same heavy paper as the prints ready to frame with the image and also typeset on the back of the picture