The Maze


The walls of the maze represent the restrictions we as a society put on ourselves
You could pick up a knife and kill the next person you meet –
there is no actual barrier – yet you do not
The centre of the maze represents “happiness”
as we move through life we strive for happiness
Our requirements are different and can be as simple as not to be hungry tomorrow
or as complex as the need to own one more conglomerate
The four entrances to the maze – only one of which leads to the centre
represent the different opportunities and choices available to us
Some people are born to happiness
They start at the correct entrance
and proceed with ease to the centre
Some work for it – They start at one of the dead ends
and have to work their way through one or all of the dead ends
before finally arriving at the centre
Some have it and loose it – They reach the centre
but turn back and end up in a dead end
Some never attain happiness but spend their lives
going from one dead end to the next
So strive to realise your dreams whatever they may be
and always remember
‘Life’ is for living and the real secret is
‘To know when you are happy’


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