The Web

Imagine your journey through life as a cobweb
Radiating strands make your framework and hold your web in place
You spin your individual pattern in between – Each radiating strand is rooted to something solid
The three main roots which always formed part of all webs are:-
Genetic Background –
Geographical Location and
Roots for the remaining strands can vary greatly – For example Religion – Sport – Work – Vocation – Talent etc…….
The patterns are endless because you are unique – You can choose what is important to you only – but remember our three main strands always influence what options we have to choose from! Such was the ordered system which governed our lives for generations – but it has already begun to change dramatically
The three main strands are no longer a certainty: If one can change the colour of ones skin, the length of ones limbs, remove DNA from genes to avoid inherited disease and be born in a tube to parents who are dead – then how long before genetic background is fully adjustable?
The migration from geographical origins is growing faster with knowledge – those who stayed and suffered within an unfair system now see the option to leave, as well as the option to stay and change that system!
If we can travel faster than the speed of sound and see the back of Mars then “impossible” takes on a new meaning.
Suddenly with access to the vast body of mankind’s knowledge –
The information previously restricted to a few has become accessible to many via radio and tele-communications, the Internet etc……………………………………………….
“Education” now has a completely different meaning – where before you learned from the spoken or written word – now you can see a moving elephant and hear a whale sing.
All possible Einsteins, Picassos or Marie Curies should be able to fulfil their potential – no matter who or where they are!
The World Wide Web is a giant intangible network of information made by and of all peoples and all knowledge everywhere
The most exciting thing is you can use it AND you can also be part of it!
Technically anybody, anywhere, can reach everybody else in the world!
So spin your web – make your website and connect your life to the world!
Use it to gain knowledge –
To communicate –
To buy or to sell!
To fulfil your aspirations!
Technological advances are momentous and every second someone’s life is changed via The Web

Limited Edition Print
Signed & Numbered by the artist
The words are also written on the same heavy paper as the prints ready to frame with the image and also typeset on the back of the picture