Framed 6750.00
Original signed pen and ink drawing
on heavy cartridge paper
Size Un-framed 42 x 60cm
Size framed 63.5 x 82cm in a white frame

This drawing is the single most complicated
of all my drawings to complete
Without making a single mistake !!
Each figure in the surround is first transferred
From the completed preliminary sketch
to the heavy cartridge paper
by pencil rub through butter paper
Each single female form is then outlined in pencil
each one has to be the same repeated
then each figure is outlined in ink
without error or blob!
The large figure of the model is added and for those
areas which are completed by the sculptor
within the area of her Body
they are blacked in ink and
the spaces left between them
are laboriously filled in
with .2 rapediograph nib pen dots
all of which must be
approximately the same distance apart
and they must never never touch!!
Then comes the very most difficult part
The unfinished part of the stone
which the sculptor has not yet completed
is filled in by drawing in the reverse!
and leaving only the .2mm outline
again repeating the exact same females form – in white!!
It took hours and hours and hours
all the while never touching any part of the paper
with any part of my hand
Because then the oils in my skin
would stop any ink from adhering on the paper!
= start again
I used to cover the rest of the cartridge paper
with butter paper held together with masking tape
Exposing only an approximately 4″ square
which I was working on!
And again a single error meant I would have had
to start again
from the beginning!!!
Only very slow methodical progress was possible
But huge satisfaction when it was complete
Excellent fun!!

I have used a total of 478 female forms to illustrate
how I imagine a sculptor might sculpt a woman
There might be three direct influences
– Material
– A Model
– Experience
Firstly – Material – Stone would behave differently
when shaped than wood or clay or any other material
It is Represented here by the smallest solid figures
at the unfinished base of this sculpture
Secondly – The Model
Represented here by the largest figure – shaded – because
Her shape would greatly influence the work
Thirdly – Experience – In the sculptor’s mind
would be a memory of every female shape he has ever seen
Represented here by the background of outlined figures
which become solid
when they form part of the Unfinished Sculpture

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