Upwards and onwards

Size 37cm tall and 18cm at its widest
Designed by Anna Nielsen
Made by Rob D’Eath
Images and words by Anna Nielsen

From the time we are born
We are required to grow
and learn and strive Upwards and onwards
There are bench marks we have to reach
Growth charts on the doctors wall
compare and pronounce us of sufficient size
Exams measure our learning progress
Our CV’s are filled with our achievements
We are constantly judged on our abilities
………….As golfers we are handicapped
As tennis players we are seeded
As footballers we are divisioned
As winners we are applauded
As graduates we are lauded
As employees we are promoted……………….
And the funny thing is
when we reach our goal we are bored
soon we find another,
higher goal to reach for…….
Ever onwards and upwards
So “Congratulations” and “Well done” and
“Good Luck” on the next


Limited Edition Pot
Signed & Numbered by both Rob D’Eath and Anna Nielsen 
The words are also written on the Certificate which comes with each pot


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